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A selection of the Resource Materials provided as part of the HR Support Centre service as described on the What’s Included page are provided here as Free Samples for you to download. To access these documents you need to leave your name and email address.

Free Downloads
Absence Review Hearing Checklist
Checklist for Planning and Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing
The checklist is designed to support you through the preparation for and conducting a formal absence review hearing with your employee.

  • How to introduce the meeting
  • What to say during the meeting
  • What to consider during the final adjournment
  • Delivering the outcome
  • What to do after the meeting
My Checklist for Planning and Conducting a Formal Disciplinary Hearing provides advice on how to structure a formal disciplinary hearing. It is designed to be used as a checklist to ensure that meetings are conducted on an appropriate basis.

  • Preparing for the hearing
  • Introductions
  • The case for the Employer and Employee
  • What to consider during the hearing: cross examination of witnesses, new facts, re-examination of evidence and adjournments
  • Final statements
  • What to consider during the final adjournment
  • Confirming the outcome
  • What to do after the hearing

      Notice of Suspension from Work for Alleged Misconduct
      Response to Request for an Employment Reference
      My Suspension Letter is designed to be used to suspend an employee where there have been allegations of misconduct against the employee, which require an investigation. The letter explains that suspension is a precautionary measure to allow an investigation to take place and clarifies that suspension is not a presumption of guilt or disciplinary action. Pay and benefits should remain unaltered. The letter details what the employee should and should not do during the suspension period. An unjustified suspension period may amount to a breach of the implied term of trust and confidence which could lead to the employee's resignation and a claim of constructive unfair dismissal. My Reference Response letter is a suggested format for you to use when responding to a request for a reference. The content provides the basic factual information about the employee and their employment with you.

          Return to Work Meeting Record
          Time off for Dependants Policy
          Return to Work Meetings are useful for both short-term and long-term sickness. To be most effective the meeting should be held on the first day back from work. In most cases the meeting will be informal and last no more than 5 minutes, but where the employee has an unsatisfactory level of absence the meetings will be more formal. My Time off for Dependants Policy summarises the statutory right to take unpaid time off work to deal with emergencies involving a dependant.

              Once you have downloaded the documents that interest you I hope you will agree that my documents are easy to read, easy to use and just what you need for your business. If you think this is the case, please do come back and subscribe to one of my packages that will help YOU to deal quickly and fairly with any HR matter that crops up in your business.